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People with steno pads only look more organized
lost in transition 
15th-May-2007 12:10 pm
Basic addition:

a long flight home from the West Coast (where I spent 3 WONDERFUL days with Bill!)


reaching a breaking point with my family, immediate and extended


wanting to be either constantly productive, a packmule, or an enforcer of contractual agreements


moving, unofficially, from Mt. Pleasant to Lansing


the defeat of Shox running away and not being able to find her


feeling rather lost in transition.

I start training at Harper's tomorrow. Anyone know where to get a good pair of black booty pants?

Also, CEDAM is great. Much excitement in the next few days.

I have books to read, walks to take and sunsets to enjoy.
15th-May-2007 08:24 pm (UTC)
i've always had strangely good luck at kohls?

but you can also get black comfy yoga pants at like, the express, that double for fancy pants, esp. in a dark bar :-)
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